Verborum Thesaurus
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How to Use
By matching the group number of the word from the index with the first group number of the word from the contents, the corresponding headword from the contents will give you a rough idea of the meaning of the word. All the missing information is to be filled in by yourself.

Word Classification
It also allows you to find 213 groups of words by looking at the contents of the dictionary. Each group of words is assigned a number. After all, numerals are the universal language.

How it Works
Based on clinical observations, it is believed that the index of words is stored in your left brain, and the contents of words (actually and mostly pictures) in your right brain. The left brain communicates to the right brain by number, not by word.

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About this Dictionary
All the words in this dictionary are classified according to Chinese word classification system based on the meaning of words and rearranged according to the order of God's Creation. This dictionary can be adapted for machine comprehension.

adj. adjective
aux. v. auxiliary verb
obj. object
pl. plural
subj. subject
v. verb
vi. intransitve verb, intransitivt verb
vt. transitive verb, transitivt verb

The Latin Alphabet
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